The starlings once were celebrating in their Main Planet. But then a rotten seed unfornunately hatched and turned out to be Firebit, the starlings' destruction. Fortunatly, the resistance leader arrived and helped some of the starlings escape to a new Main Planet. For a while, Firebit could not find them but soon he did so. His first attack failed, but he still tries to attack you in "Prepare for S-Trkes!".

Then he kidnaps your starlings. You must destroy the star base of Sparragon. After which, you will obtain the Delta Key, the key to open the starlings' cages in Firebit's planet. Then you must destroy Firebit's Star Base to free the starlings. Now look, this is a difficult task but if you follow this you can do it. Now it is very easy if you use Marines. Get some 32 of them and head to Firebit's. Deploy all units at once. do this once more and Firebit's Star Base will be destoyed and you would have saved th starlings.

Now they live in your compact houses, you can find them strolling or looking at your plants.if you click them once they will jump in astonishment. Twice, they will try to run away from your cursor. Sometimes, they can be found talking using emiticons on your planet.

If you click /collect a compact house or mine then starlings wearing white caps will take them to the Star Base. They are very similar to your workers, but they wear yellow caps, not white.

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